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Manufacturers Of Superior Quality Canvas Bags, Casual Luggage, Sports Bags, And Recreational Bags

Proudly Made In The USA


Security and Privacy Issues.

Your orders with Parrott Canvas are processed through a "secure server."  Most of the servers you access as you surf the web are available to anyone--and the potential for abuse is always present.  However, since there is typically very little to gain by cracking into one of these systems, there is little incentive to do so. 

With credit card information and other sensitive data, it is another issue.  Our secure servers mean that infiltration into them is virtually impossible either while you are conducting the transaction or after the data is received by us. 

You will be informed by your browser when you have entered our secure zone and when you have left it.  Secure servers are literally held under lock and key to avoid the potential for physical break in, as well.  The truth is, you are probably a lot less likely to have your card data stolen and abused via secure Internet transaction than you are when a  merchant makes an impression of your card information.

  • The data you send to us is encrypted.  That means that to anyone who possibly could get a hold of it, it would be gibberish--useless.

  • We abide by strict government regulations established to make certain that on-line transactions are secure.

  • We have systems in place, including a credit card authorization service, to check for stolen cards or fraudulent use of cards. 

  • We are always happy to take your order by telephone, if you prefer.

  • We always respect your privacy and therefore pledge to never sell or otherwise distribute your name or other information for mail lists, telemarketing, e-mail spam or other abuses.

If you ever have security questions or concerns about ordering from Parrott Canvas, please contact us at  800-348-9694.



Parrott Canvas Co.
508 West 14th Street - Greenville, NC 27834

You may also place your order by phone:  (800) 348-9694

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